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Last Updated: 6th February 2011



06/03/11 - The events page has been updated with upcoming Kaizen courses and gradings for 2011.

27/09/07 - A big thanks to everyone who helped out yesterday at the 2007 Fresher's Bazaar Stall.
In no particular order, special thanks to Sean, Val, Robert, Elaine, Barry, Simon & Gary. We manged to extract sign-up fees from loads of folk PLUS at least x3 times as many seemed really interested - so if we get even 1 in 3 to call down, the club will be really busy this year.

Congratulations also to all those who graded on Monday night - Val, Aine (enjoy your trip to Oz), Stephen & Mark. Hard work paid off - well deserved !!!
Thanks to Kevin & Peter for pushing hard to get the best out of everyone on the night.

11/06/07 - Congratulations to all who graded in QUB. The temperature was a killer but look on the bright side.... we only needed a five minute warm-up! Really great effort from everyone - as usual , preparation was the main factor.  Photos are now up in the Gallery.

Training continues both nights all through the Summer except Mon 9th - Wed 18th July inclusive.

10/06/07 - Thanks to all who ventured down to the teambuiding weekend. Surfing is much harder than it looks! The weather, the company and the craic was all terrific.

27/09/06 - Thanks to all those who came down to help out at this year's Freshers Bazaar. Aine, Stephen, Barry, Basil, Ian, Mark and Stephen M. Let me know if I've left anyone out! Numbers were pretty low this year with only 27 people signed up - but there was a lot of interest from people who said they'd come along to try out a class. Its getting harder for students to part with their case these days it seems.

In case you couldn't find us we weren't in our normal position in the corridor - a certain club (lets say they involve boats) evicted us into the main hall. Apparently most clubs were having a similar low signup this year so lets hope its just a blip.

Don't forget its a new term at Queens so get down to train early for the next few weeks to avoid the queues - and to make sure you get a place on the mats!

And last, but not least! Congratulations to everyone who graded last Monday night ? Hopefully we should have some photos up soon.

12/06/06 - Some photos from the weekend trip to Bundoran are now up in the Gallery.

09/06/06 - The Kaizen Forum is currently down. There is a problem with the web host which we are hoping to get resolved.

25/12/05 - Merry Christmas! And don't forget, the club starts back on Monday the 16th of January.

15/12/05 - Hopefully everyone who came along to the Christmas party at Renshaws last night had a good time. If you can't remember what it was like there should be some photos up soon to refresh your memory!

12/12/05 - Congratulations to everyone who graded today. You know who you are!

28/11/05 - Another excellent weekends training with Bob, thanks to everyone who made an effort to get along, hopefully you found it beneficial. Bob also sends his thanks. .

28/09/05 - Thanks to all those who came down to help out at the stall today! Anne (French of course!), Barry, Dave K, Keevy, Neassa, Aud, Niall, Stephen, Dave (Wee), Jimmy, Ciaran, Val, Susan and Aine. And not forgetting our star recruiter today - Elaine. Let me know if I've left anyone out!

The number signed up this year was 89

14/08/05 - Finally added some photos from the club surfing weekend to Bundoran in June.

01/05/05 - Good luck to all at UUJ and QUB doing exams this month. It'll all soon be over!

02/04/05 - Congrats to all on the April Intervarsity Competition. 37 competitors, excellent standard of sportsmanship and technique shown by all. Great to meet the folks from UUJ even though they got some dubious decisions.

20/03/05 - Thanks to Frankie McConville (Sheran Muay Thai) for the recent padwork seminars. Great, simple basic drills to help our striking game. Rnjoy your trip to Thailand. Love to have you back on your return.

Congratulations to all who passed the March grading; a well deserved recognition. To those less fortunate, concentrate on the areas highlighted by your coaches and hopefully an improved performance next time will result.

08/03/05 - Many thanks to Matt Thornton and Mike Chapman of Straight Blast Gym for the groundwork seminar. Fantastic turnout with 7 clubs represented. All 74 on the mats really enjoyed your coaching.

06/02/05 - Thanks to everyone who came along to the Bob Breen course today. The attendance was great and as usualy Bob put on a superb course. Photos from the course are now up in the Gallery.

14/12/04 - Congratulations to all the white, yellow, orange, green & blue belt candidates who successfully graded last night at the first Queens Kaizen grading.

29/11/04 - Congratulations to everyone who competed in the Copa de Belfast on Saturday. Several medals were also won by the club!

01/11/04 - This Fridays party at the Chester has been postponed! It should be on in a week or two. Check out the Events page and Forums for more info.

29/09/04 - Thanks to everyone who helped out at the Fresher's Bazaar today! Even with the bomb scare we managed to sign up 109 members, over 100 of which are new members! Thanks go to DJ, Gillian, Elaine, Robert, CJ, Ben, Edel, Caoimhe, Neassa, Amel, Humberto and Chris C. Please let me know if I've missed someone out.

26/08/04 - Updated QUB Ju-Jitsu site now up. Still a lot of work to be done but we're almost there. Don't forget to head along to the Forums and sign up!

15/07/04 - Added over two dozen new links to the Links section.

15/05/04 - Congratulations to everyone who graded on Saturday!

4th Dan - Sandy McCord, Conor Dunbar
3rd Dan - Colm Dynes
2nd Dan - Edel Bonar, Declan McLaughlin, Dominic Hourican, Peadar Mulligan, Marty O'Hare, Shane McCusker
1st Dan - Alison Boyd

20/03/04 - Congratulations to Senseis Robert and Dee on achieving their 5th Dans! Photos are now up in the Gallery.

10/12/03 - Congratulations to everyone who graded at Ards on Sunday and Queens on Monday !!! Photos of both gradings are now up in the Gallery.

The Gallery has also been updated with the Bob Breen and Dan Innosanto Courses from November.
"Reasons for going to seminars" has now been added to the Events section. Thanks to Sensei McCann for that.

06/10/03 - Many thanks to everyone who helped out with this year's stall at the Fresher's Bazaar last Wednesday. 86 new members were signed up which was a good number this year as most students seemed unwilling to part with their £2s. Thanks go to Sarah, Cathal, Rog, Robert, Chris Cartin, Paul Nicholl, Conor, Louth and a few others whose names escape me. Email me if I've left you out! Extra big thanks to 'Energizer Bunny' Edel for her endless harassing of everyone who passed our stall and getting so many of them to join up. I'm sure most of them were only jokin about joining to keep you quiet. Ahem.

01/05/03 - Due to a low repsonse the formal is being postponed until the Autumn.
Photos from the March grading at Queens have now been added to the Gallery.

08/04/03 - Queens Ju-Jitsu Club formal coming up in mid-May! Contact the website or ask at the club for more details.

Photos from the black belt trip to Rio added to the Gallery.

31/03/03 - Congratulations to everyone who graded at the Queens grading tonight. Photos coming soon!

20/03/03 - Photos from the Royce Gracie course in February are now up in the Gallery. Some more competition photos from Feb have also been added.

11/02/03 - Congratulations to everyone involved with the competition at Queens on Saturday. The competition results and photos are now up.

09/12/02 - Congratulations to everyone who graded tonight at Queens for their Green, Orange, Yellow and White belts. Keep it up!

24/11/02 - Its now official. There will be an intervasrity competition at Queens on Saturday the 8th of February next year. As the last competition was more than 2 years ago I'm sure you're all ready for another one so make sure you keep this date free.

12/11/02 - Congratulations to Sarah, Ivan, Gil and Mark who all graded on Friday night!

3rd Dan - Ivan McQuaid
2nd Dan - Mark Clark, Sarah Gibson
1st Dan - Gil Harkness

25/09/02 - Thanks to all those who helped out with the stall at the Fresher's Bazaar today. The total number signed up was 135 !!! Thanks go to Robert, Grainne, Sarah, Dave, Humberto, Edel, Gil, Cathal, Dom, Tony, Paul and Gordon.

10/05/02 - Congratulations to everyone who graded at the Black Belt grading in April.

4th Dan - Robert Cullinan, Dee McCann
3rd Dan - Conor Dunbar
2nd Dan - Colm Dynes, John Starky
1st Dan - Dominic Hourican, John Morrow, Tony McMahon

24/03/02 - Finally added 1st Dan syllabus. 2nd Dan coming soon!

09/03/02 - Congratulations to all those graded at the National Grading at the Beechmount Leisure Centre today. A small selection of photos from the grading are up in the Gallery.

07/03/02 - Congratulations to everyone who graded at the National Grading in Lisburn last Saturday.

28/11/01 - Congratulations to John Agnew and Alan Blyth on getting their black belts on Friday.

22/10/01 - The NIMAC multi-style course at Avoneil on Saturday was a success with over 150 students of all styles of martial arts attending. £550 was also raised for the NI Hospice. As well as Ju-Jitsu, instructors from Tai-Jitsu, Kung Fu, Karate, Tae Kwon Do and Tai Chi were also present. A small selection of photos from the day has been added to the Gallery.

02/10/01 - Thanks to everyone who turned up to help at the Freshers Bazaar last Wednesday. I know the change of day made it hard for people to attend. We signed on around 100 new members! We're not sure exactly how many as Johnny can't count.

05/06/01 - Congratulations to everyone who graded on Saturday.

28/04/01 - Added a dozen new links to the Links section.

24/04/01 - Congratulations to everyone who graded last night at Queens and achieved their white or yellow belts.

The keys to the new Dojo on Dee Street are now in David Toney's hands and work will be carried out this Sunday and next Saturday and Sunday clearing the place up. Any help will be gratefully appreciated, work should be starting about 9:30/10am this Sunday. Contact David Toney or here for further details.

02/04/01 - Added a picture of the club trip to Garrison in March to the Gallery.

02/12/00 - Congratulations to everyone who graded at the National Grading in Avoneil on Saturday.

24/11/00 - Congratulations to Daniel Dundas on getting his black belt.

19/11/00 - After a brief spell away I've added two new sets of photos to the Gallery - the Rick Young course and Bundoran Traiing weekend. Some more photos of the April competition have also been added.

27/09/00 - Thanks to everyone who turned up to help at the Freshers Bazaar. You know who you are.
We beat last years total and signed up 101 new members!

25/09/00 - I've added a Competitions page - the link can be found in the sidebar. There's only the results of the first Queens competion held in April this year but hopefully there'll be another competiton before Christmas.

26/05/00 - Congratulations to Mark Clarke, Gavin McCormick, Peadar Mulligan and Chris McDermott on getting their black belts.

16/04/00 - The competition at Queens yesterday went very well. There were a lot of competitors and a lot of people came to watch. I should have the results up on the page soon along with some photos hopefully. If I can get a video capture card I may even try to put some of the better fights on the page as mpegs.

I've also just put the photos from the last club weekend on the page. If anyone wants to send me in captions for them, or for photos in any of the other weekends, then feel free.

01/02/00 - The Bob Breen course at the weekend went very well (my arm is still sore from all that blocking). About 20 Queens members attended. The weekend trip to Fermanagh at the end of March is already fully booked up. Click here for the photo.

21/12/99 - There will be a club night out at the Bot on Thursday the 23rd.

10/12/99 - Congratulations to Paul Johnson on getting his black belt at the start of the month.

20/10/99 - We've changed the Wednesday night out to the Eg now as the Bot is far too busy and you can always get a table in the Eg. There was a bit better turn out this time with about 10 people turning up after training and more appearing later in the evening.

13/10/99 - First post-training night out in years to the Bot didn't go well due to the Bot being absolutely packed due to a drinks promo.

01/10/99 - 85 new members joined the club at the Freshers Bazaar.

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