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Last Updated: 2nd July 2011


These are the official Web pages of the Queen's University Belfast Ju Jitsu Club. The club was founded in 1987 and and has affiliations with :


  • Dentokan Ireland
  • Northern Ireland Martial Arts Commission
  • Northern Ireland Institute of Coaching
  • Irish Ju-Jitsu Association
  • World Council of Ju-Jitsu Organisations

A wide range of unarmed combat techniques are taught and various weapons techniques are taught to senior grades. Training takes place 2 days a week in the Queen's University Physical Education Centre under the supervision of several instructors. The first lesson is free!

Mondays 8:00pm-9:30pm.
Wednesdays 6:30pm-8:00pm.

Current Instructors

    • Robert Cullinan - 5th Dan
    • Conor Dunbar - 4th Dan
    • Ivan McQuaid - 3rd Dan
    • John Starkey - 2nd Dan
    • Dominic Hourican - 2nd Dan
    • Declan McLoughlin - 2nd Dan
    • Chris McDermott - 1st Dan
  • Damien McCann - 5th Dan
  • Sandy McCord - 4th Dan
  • Colm Dynes - 3rd Dan
  • Chris Cartin - 2nd Dan
  • Shane McCusker - 2nd Dan
  • Paul Welton - 1st Dan
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