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Last Updated: 29th August 2004


The methods of combat known as Ju Jitsu are at least, by historical definition, about 2000 years old, with mention of them in Japanese mythology. The modern beginnings of Ju Jitsu can be traced to the turbulent period of Japanese history between the 8th and 16th Century. During this time, there was almost constant civil war in Japan and the classical weaponed systems were developed and constantly refined on the battlefield. Close fighting techniques were developed as part of these systems to be used in conjunction with weapons against armoured, armed opponents.

Because of its ancient traditions, Ju Jitsu draws from many different martial arts systems. Students are taught to kick, punch and throw, lock and immobilise limbs and also to use various weapons, such as the sword, staff, knife, sai and rice flails.

Ju Jitsu has not adapted as a sport as easily as other martial arts, so competition therefore plays a minor role. A wide range of Kata is studied however. Kata is the formal presentation of a martial art's techniques, and in Ju Jitsu, Kata may involve one or two persons, or feature a weapon, such as the sword or sai.

Club Instructors

(Back L to R) John Starkey, Damien McCann, Paul Wellton
(Front L to R) Ivan McQuaid, Robert Cullinan, Colm Dynes, Conor Dunbar



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