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Last Updated: 17th January 2013

Upcoming Events (2011)

Fri 22nd Mar
Rodrigo Medeiros National Seminar
TBC 7pm
Sat 23rd Mar
Kaizen Black Belt Grading
TBC 1pm
31st May-2nd Jun
National Training Camp Weekend
Co. Donegal -
21st-23rd Jun
National Training Camp Weekend
Co. Donegal -



Students who train regularly sometimes ask why they should also consider going to seminars? Martial artists travel from near and far to participate in these popular seminars, so why do we arrange these seminars and why should you set aside a date in your diary to come to some. What is the difference between your normal training and a seminar?

  • Concentration - because you have between 4 and 8 hours of teaching, you have the opportunity to concentrate on a particular area of training.

    Illumination - because of the concentration on a specific area, very often people describe the experience as 'a light going on' suddenly things begin to come together. 

    Inspiration - we arrange these seminars to offer access to some notable martial artists.

    Progression - Seminars can turbo charge your progress and often broaden your martial arts horizons.

  • Entertainment - - they ring with laughter and are seriously good craic. Most importantly, you will always come away knowing more than you started with. Experiencing a different teaching style from what you normally receive may also help to give you a better understanding of many of your martial arts 'core' concepts.


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